SATRA Accredited Laboratories

SATRA provides laboratory support to test laboratories world-wide.

To achieve SATRA Accredited Laboratory status, laboratories must undergo a rigorous auditing process by SATRA, based on an ability to test to particular test methods and standards.


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Every SATRA Accredited Laboratory is an independent provider of testing services in accordance with the SATRA standard but not a part of the SATRA Group of companies. Many laboratories are in-house operations set up and managed by product brands and their supply manufacturers.

We can assist with provision and calibration of test equipment, test methods and standards, training of laboratory technicians, as well as development of product performance specifications. For further details please send information about your requirements through our enquiry form and we will get in touch to discuss your needs.


164 labs have achieved accreditation

13B11Bangladesh Pou Hung Ind LtdBangladesh (Chittagong)
11B08Xin Chang Shoes (BD) LtdBangladesh (Chittagong)
12B06Xin Chang Shoes (BD) LtdBangladesh (Comilla)
11B12JBS SA, Cascavel Couros LdaBrazil (Cascavel)
10A14Indústrias Têxteis H Milagre SA (ITM)Brazil (Farroupilha)
08B18A Grings SABrazil (Igrejinha)
11B11Globalfit Industria Textil LtdsBrazil (Novo Hamburgo)
02A04AIBTEC (Bio Mechanical Lab)[CTCCA]Brazil (Novo Hamburgo)
16B07IBTEC [CTCCA]Brazil (Novo Hamburgo)
06B26Paqueta Calcados LtdaBrazil (Sapiranga RS)
16B14Hwa Long (Cambodia) Outsole Industry LtdCambodia (Kampong)
15B15Carlington (Cambodia) Co LtdCambodia (Roveang Village)
14B15I-Cheng (Cambodia) CorporationCambodia (Takeo Province)
03B08Tong Hong Tannery Co Ltd (Bei Hai)China (Bei Hai)
16B02Calson Investment LtdChina (Chengxiang)
12B18Prestige Footwear Co LtdChina (Dalang Town)
07B09Advantech Polyurethane FoamChina (Dongguan)
07B05Clarks International (China)China (Dongguan)
00B10Dongguan CaleresChina (Dongguan)
08B17Dongguan Huayou Shoes LtdChina (Dongguan)
10B07Dongguan Qingxi Niceriver ShoesChina (Dongguan)
08B11Dongguan Surpassing Shoes Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
15A12Dongguan Yue Sheng Ftw Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
07B04Foamtech Polyurethane Foam ManuChina (Dongguan)
12B13Longmerge Investments LtdChina (Dongguan)
10B09Maxgreat International Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
11B03Novi Footwear (Dongguan) Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
05B02Prime Asia Leather CorporationChina (Dongguan)
05A10Sherwood IncChina (Dongguan)
06B05Shingtak Footwear Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
03A06Simona Footwear Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
08B10Skechers Footwear (Dongguan)China (Dongguan)
08A02STC Dongguan Co LtdChina (Dongguan)
04B06Stella International LtdChina (Dongguan)
07A08Stella International Ltd (HQ Lab)China (Dongguan)
09B02William Lamb FootwearChina (Dongguan)
15B07Fujian Huajing Sports ProductsChina (Fujian)
11B04Xinlong Footwear Co LtdChina (Fujian)
10B05Zhanghou Xiangzhou Leather Co LtdChina (Fujian)
05B05Chung Jye Shoe Co LtdChina (Gaoyao)
13B17Chun Xiang Rubber & Plastics Products Co LtdChina (Guangdong)
12B11Heshan Tantec Leather Co LtdChina (Guangdong)
13B03Qingyuan Shoetown Footwear Co LtdChina (Guangdong)
14B16Tengxin Shoes FactoryChina (Guangdong)
14B14China Footwear Services LtdChina (Guangzhou)
15B17Guangzhou Bangerfu Shoes Material Co LtdChina (Guangzhou)
14B02Guangzhou Vibram Rubber Co LtdChina (Guangzhou)
14B13Henan Prosper Skins & Leather EnterpriseChina (Henan)
08B04First Asia Polyurethane Products Co LtdChina (He Shan)
07B01Benna Industries LtdChina (Huizhou)
14B12Chao Chih Shoe Co LtdChina (Huizhou)
06B20Simona Tanning IncChina (Huizhou)
16B11Evervan ShuangFeng Footwear Co LtdChina (Hunan)
16B01Maydiang Group CompanyChina (Jiangsu)
10B17Phoenix (Midas) Footwear co LtdChina (Jie Town)
15A10AMG LaboratoryChina (Jinjiang)
14B08Elite Footwear Sourcing Co LtdChina (Jinjiang)
10B04VF Asia LtdChina (Panyu, Guangzhou)
16B15Betafac Industries LtdChina (Putian)
14B01Fujian Apex International Trading Corp LtdChina (Putian)
06B01SEMS Sports Goods Co LtdChina (Putian)
16B12Xiamen Luxinjia Import & Export Co LtdChina (Putian)
15B13Carlington Industries LtdChina (Qing Xi))
11B06Guo Rong Rubber Industry CoChina (Qingyaun)
14B09Guangxi Xinglai Footwear Co LtdChina (Qinzhou)
03B10Sunshine Footwear Co LtdChina (Quanzhou)
03B04Richina Leather Industry Co LtdChina (Shanghai)
06A21Dah Li Puh Co Ltd (Global Shoe Manu)China (Shengang)
06B15Freetrend Industrial Ltd [FIC Lab]China (Shenzhen)
13B08Crocs Industrial (Shenzhen) Co LtdChina (Shenzhen City)
10B06GS TestingChina (Suzhou)
09B04Taishan Bontex Shoes Material Co LtdChina (Taishan)
04B05Tyche Leather - WenzhouChina (Wenzhou)
14A18Ecco Tannery (Xiamen) Co LtdChina (Xiamen)
15B01Sung Shin ChinaChina (Yongzhou)
13B01AnAn (China) Co LtdChina (Zhangzhou City)
16B03Sunshine Development Leather Co LtdChina (Zhaoqing)
07B10Innotech Polyurethane Foam (Zheijiang) Co LtdChina (Zheijiang)
10B16Z W Rubber co LtdChina (Zheng Cheng)
10B18CD Star Co LtdChina (Zhongshan)
04B07Cosmo Textile Co (Zhongshan)China (Zhongshan)
01A04General Shoe – Genfort LtdChina (Zhongshan)
08B06Sonych Shoe Ind Co LtdChina (Zhongshan)
07B06South Asia Polyurethane Products Manu (Zhong Shan) LtdChina (Zhongshan)
97B07Wolverine World WideChina (Zhongshan)
01A03Zhongshan Glory Shoes Ind Co LtdChina (Zhongshan)
06B24Iao Song Hong Tinta E Vernizes Lda (Infinity Chemical Product Co Ltd)China (Zhuhai)
04A01Joinland Leather Products Co Ltd (Zhuhai)China (Zhuhai)
01B05Yue Yuen Ind [Holdings] Ltd – YY1China (Zhuhai)
04B09B’Leather Company IncDomincan Republic (Santiago)
03B11Bojos Leather LtdDominican Republic (Santiago)
05B18Recreational Footwear CompanyDominican Republic (Santiago)
15B02Five Star Enterprises LtdDom Republic (La Vega)
99A04Texon Möckmuhl GmbHGermany (Möckmuhl)
96B01Gebrüder Jaeger GmbHGermany (Wuppertal)
08A03Bata Industrials EuropeHolland (Best)
13B02Ecco Leather BVHolland (Dongen)
13B10Ecco Leather BV RCS LabHolland (Dongen)
13B12Clarks India Services PVT LtdIndia (Chennai)
15B09CLRIIndia (Chennai)
10B03FDDI International Testing CentreIndia (Chennai)
10B11Naser Tanning CompanyIndia (Chennai)
10B02Vardhman Yarns and Threads Limited Unit IVIndia (Himachal Prodesh)
05B17Threads India LtdIndia (Kanpur)
12A01FDDI International Testing CentreIndia (Noida)
06B07Mirza International Ltd Unit VIIndia (Noida)
09B10Farida Prime Tannery Pvt LtdIndia (Tamil Nadu)
06B08Mirza International Ltd Unit V (UPSIDC Site 2)India (Unnao)
09B11PT Pou Chen IndonesiaIndonesia (Serang)
07B02PTLM (Javarino)Indonesia (Timur)
14A11Exo Italia SrlItaly (Masera di Pavoda)
16B20Exo Italia SrlItaly (Masera di Pavoda)
00A08Texon Italia SpAItaly (Ripatransone AP)
15B03Crocs MexicoMexico (Leon)
09B12Lefarc SA de CVMexico (Leon)
99A03MoveOn - Componentes e Calcado LdaPortugal (Esmoriz)
16B06Eccolet Fabrica De Sapatos LdaPortugal (S Joao de Ver)
08B14Tyche Leather Ind Co LtdTaiwan (Tainan)
02A06Teh Chang Leather Products LtdTaiwan (Taoyuan)
11B02ECCO (Tannery (Thailand)Thailand (Ayutthaya)
15B05Ecco (Thailand) Co Ltd (Factory)Thailand (Ayutthaya)
14B07CK Shoes (Thailand) Co LtdThailand (Khonkaen)
04B03CPL Group Public Co LtdThailand (Samutprakarn)
06A09TeknoteksTurkey (Ankara)
15B04Teknoteks Eyewear LaboratoryTurkey (Ankara)
05B13jBi Technology Centre (Suttons)UK (Bacup)
12B08Silentnight Brands LtdUK (Barnoldswick)
16A05Next Retail LtdUK (Enderby)
12B04Westbridge Furniture Designs LtdUK (Holywell)
14A02ARCO LtdUK (Hull)
05B07Start-Rite Shoes LtdUK (Norwich)
99A02Clarks InternationalUK (Street)
97A01Airwair International LtdUK (Wellingborough)
15A14adidas Group HQUSA (Canton)
06B04Horween Leather CoUSA (Chicago)
95B05Clarks AmericasUSA (Hanover)
15B11Mississippi TanTec Leather IncUSA (Mississippi)
04A02Quabaug Vibram Innovation LLCUSA (North Brookfield)
05A09Wolverine World Wide IncUSA (Rockford)
09B03DANSKOUSA (West Grove)
10B10Saigon Tan Tec Leather LtdVietnam (An Thay)
13B07Long Yi Industrial (Vietnam) Co LtdVietnam (Binh Duong)
08B13Maruchuen VMC (Best Royal Co Ltd)Vietnam (Binh Duong)
09B06Sao Viet Joint Stock Co (VNRF)Vietnam (Binh Duong)
14B17Tehchang Leather Products Co LtdVietnam (Binh Duong)
15B06YC TEC Vietnam CorpVietnam (Binh Duong)
11B07Superfoam Vietnam LtdVietnam (Binh Duong Province)
16B09TBS GroupVietnam (Binh Duong Province)
14B10Vietnam Xin Chang Shoes Co LtdVietnam (Binh Duong Province)
15B08Footgearmex Footwear Co LtdVietnam (Binh Tan District)
08B09Wei Tai Leather Co LtdVietnam (Dong Nai)
09B05Chi Ya Foam Enterprise LtdVietnam (Duc Hoa Townlet)
07B11Oriental Sports VietnamVietnam (Hai Duong)
12B05Golden Top Co LtdVietnam (Haiphong)
07B12Stella International Ltd, Vietnam (Golden Star)Vietnam (Hai Phong)
16B10Leather & Shoes Research InstituteVietnam (Hanoi)
12B03Eternal Prowess Vietnam Co LtdVietnam (Ho Chi Minh)
09B01Pou Yuen Vietnam Enterprise Ltd (PYV D3)Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh)
08B16Prime Asia Leather CorporationVietnam (Ho Chi Minh)
15B16Kingmaker (Vietnam) Footwear Co LtdVietnam (Kowloon)
05B04Tong Hong Tannery VietnamVietnam (Tan Thanh District)
14B06Pou Hung Vietnam Co LtdVietnam (Tay Ninh)
14B20Pou Li Vietnam Company LtdVietnam (Tay Ninh)

Lab Reference key:

00A00 - Laboratories with tightly controlled temperature and humidity

00B00 - Laboratories with temperature control only