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SATRA has a unique position in the footwear industry with unrivalled experience in footwear product research and development and footwear testing.


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Footwear research and testing


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World leading footwear test database

SATRA TM144 is the accepted industry test method for footwear slip resistance testing

SATRA Pedatron biomechanical abrasion testing

Water resistance testing

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Footwear Testing

SATRA has a unique position in the footwear industry with unrivalled experience in footwear research and development and footwear testing.

Our footwear testing laboratories house the most comprehensive range of footwear tests and footwear test equipment, and SATRA maintains the largest database of footwear test results in the world. SATRA knowledge can be applied to footwear components, footwear materials and completed footwear through our whole shoe test programmes and consultancy.

Footwear testing highlights the issues that are important to consumers, for example footwear fit and comfort, performance, durability and safety. Accurate footwear testing is also important to ensure footwear product meets with legislation wherever it is brought to market. SATRA offers expert guidance through the General Product Safety Directive, national, European and international directives, standards and test methods, as well as developing its own performance guidelines and footwear test methods which are recognised and valued throughout the footwear industry. SATRA is acknowledged as the leading authority on most aspects of footwear testing, including durability testing and slip testing. The SATRA footwear research and testing team has been at the forefront of slip testing and footwear slip resistance properties for over 30 years. The SATRA test method SATRA TM144 has been recognised and adopted in the European EN 13287 standard and the US F2913-11 standard.

Use SATRA for the full range of materials, components and finished product footwear testing including:

  • slip resistance
  • water resistance
  • footwear durability
  • safety footwear EN ISO 20345, 20346 and 20347 (European Union Notified Body for Personal Protective Equipment PPE)
  • toe cap impact
  • abrasion resistance
  • flex cracking resistance
  • sole bond adhesion
  • heel attachment
  • seam strength
  • strap strength
  • colour fastness
  • durability
  • materials suitability
  • biomechanical evaluation
  • hazardous/ restricted substances (chrome VI, azo dyes, pentachlorophenol PCP, formaldehyde)
  • EN 71 (can be applied to children's footwear where no other legislation covers safety aspects)
  • wear trials
  • contrived ageing
  • extreme conditions


SATRA is the world leader in footwear technology, research and development and footwear testing. Our technical excellence has been achieved by working closely with our members to raise footwear product quality, performance and safety and to develop new footwear product. We always look forward to hearing from new and existing members.


Footwear is our world

When people buy footwear they want to know it is fit for purpose. They want it to be comfortable, to perform well and to be safe.

They also want reassurance that the footwear they choose has not been made at the expense of other people or the environment.

SATRA is recognised as the global expert in the technical aspects of footwear. From research and design, materials and components, through production and testing to relevant legislation, we are trusted to get it right first time. It is why suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and international brands want to be associated with SATRA.

With SATRA as your technical partner, the footwear supply chain becomes an opportunity.


A pioneer in the footwear industry

Our technology was in the boots that first conquered Mount Everest.

SATRA’s discovery of the heat setting process revolutionised footwear production and received the Queen’s Award for Industry.

We were the first company to create a grading system for footwear leather accepted by Asian tanneries and Western brands.


Knowledge, research and testing

Knowledge, research and testing are SATRA’s three pillars of strength. They have been supporting the footwear industry since 1919.

For over 90 years, we have been researching finished footwear, footwear components and materials, and testing to the limits of endurance. What we have discovered has helped thousands of companies bring better footwear products to market, quickly and efficiently.

Every product - from outdoor and sports performance footwear to fashion and everyday shoes - can benefit from SATRA’s technical facilities and the knowledge of its experts in Europe, the US and China.


SATRA test reports

Our test reports are recognised and respected in every country where footwear is made and sold.


Chemicals legislation

Our expertise includes analysis for restricted substances to meet current legislation, including European REACH and CPSIA in the US.


Essential information and the best in training

SATRA publishes technical articles on a wide range of footwear subjects in its own publications, on its website and in leading international industry publications; it also runs courses and seminars to help promote quality, excellence and professionalism throughout the footwear industry. We also publish World Footwear Markets - the authoritative annual guide to international markets, including production, import, export and consumption statistics and global and regional trends.



All enquiries to the SATRA footwear team on +44 (0) 1536 410 000 or email

For China please contact SATRA Technology Services (Dongguan)