For over 90 years SATRA Technology Centre has worked in partnership with its members to improve their business around the world.

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SATRA Membership - an exclusive service

SATRA Technology Centre is recognised worldwide as a centre of excellence, and becoming a SATRA member means your customers will recognise you have world class professional support in ensuring quality, efficiency and fitness for purpose.

SATRA is an international organisation and is able to offer support throughout the whole supply chain, from material supplier to customer.

Global resourcing and increasing product regulation and legislation provide new challenges for all companies - a major benefit of SATRA membership is having access to scientists, technologists and manufacturing experts to help you navigate through and find the best solutions for such challenges. Our experts sit on working committees and vertical groups of standards to ensure SATRA members are ahead of any legal changes.

SATRA is responsive to evolving market requirements and continually invests in skills, knowledge and facilities so that its position as a world-class facility is secured for the future benefit of all its members.

With around 1,700 member companies in 70 countries, SATRA’s objective is to help its members increase their global competitiveness. We have considerable experience in achieving this through product research and development, material and component evaluation, quality assurance, manufacturing efficiency and cost saving, and testing and certification.

SATRA offers a wide range of services designed to help enhance your products, brand recognition and, ultimately, the business bottom line. Please ask the Membership Team how we can help you.