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SATRA can test most types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against national, European and international standards.


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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Workwear Testing

SATRA is expert in the testing and certification of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workwear. We can test against national, European and international standards to ensure that your products meet all relevant PPE standards for safety and comply with appropriate legislation. We are a one-stop-shop for testing head-to-toe protection for both industrial and leisure activities.

Use SATRA for the full range of safety products testing including:

  • helmet testing
  • hearing protection testing
  • protective glove testing
  • protective clothing testing
  • protective footwear testing
  • chemical clothing testing
  • fall protection equipment testing
  • buoyancy and swimming aid testing
  • heat and flame protective clothing testing
  • motorcycle clothing testing
  • sports protective clothing testing
  • chainsaw protective clothing testing
  • high visibility clothing testing
  • UV protection testing
  • protective eyewear testing
  • CE marking
  • EN 388
  • EN 471
  • EN 13356
  • EN 1150
  • GO/RT 3279

Supplying the European market with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be a daunting process. There are many legal requirements that must be met. If you want to supply PPE products and stay within the law, go to SATRA PPE Survival Guide

CE Marking

European safety directives apply to many products supplied into the European Union. SATRA is an EU Notified Body for PPE and can help with all aspect of the CE Marking of PPE.

PPE Innovation

SATRA is also committed to technical innovation and launched the SATRA PPE Innovation Awards in 2012 to inspire and recognise acheivements in PPE research and development.


PPE and workwear testing facilities

Our purpose-built PPE testing laboratories include the following equipment:

  • A range of impact testing rigs for helmets, motorcyclist and equestrian armour, martial arts equipment, cricket protectors, shin pads, riot shields, and industrial footwear.
  • Stab, snag and cut tests for body armour, chainmail clothing and protective gloves.
  • SATRA's Instrumented Dummy (SID) allows life-like heat and flame tests of protective clothing.
  • An 8-metre fall arrest pit and external test tower for assessment of fall protection equipment.
  • A test rig to evaluate gloves and clothing likely to come into contact with molten metal or welding sparks and radiant heat sources.
  • Motorcycle PPE test equipment.
  • A chainsaw test rig to assess protective clothing and footwear.
  • Hearing protection facility to test all types of ear-muffs, ear-plugs and safety helmet-mounted hearing protection to the BS EN 352 series of standards. The facility includes a hemi-anechoic chamber, sound tunnel and equipment for physical tests.

PPE and workwear tested by SATRA

Protective gloves

Gloves are used in a wide range of industries and sports. SATRA can carry out protective glove testing and certify against cut, tear and abrasion, heat and flame, chemical permeation/degradation and thermal properties.


SATRA is fully equipped to test helmets used in many activities such as construction, fire-fighting, equestrian, cycling, ice hockey, mountaineering and cricket.

Hearing protection

SATRA has a comprehensive hearing protection test facility, including a hemi-anechoic chamber to conduct subjective attenuation testing. We test all types of ear-muffs, ear-plugs and safety helmet-mounted hearing protection to the BS EN 352 series of standards. We also test to the US standard ANSI/ASA S12.6-2008, and the Australia and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1270:2002.

Safety footwear

To prevent injuries to feet and toes SATRA can test industrial, firefighters, chainsaw, heat/cold, protective, foundry and chemical footwear types. See the SATRA Slip Resistance Guide and safety footwear video.

High visibility

SATRA is able to carry out a full range of tests relating to current European standards such as EN 471 or EN 1150 for all aspects of high visibility clothing. These can cover garment design, background fabric colour, the reflective properties of retroreflective tapes and water resistance/breathability properties.

Fall protection

This covers products designed to protect against falls from a height in an industrial environment. SATRA has a wide range of facilities dedicated to testing fall protection PPE and ‘working at height’ equipment including fall arrest harnesses, lanyards, karabinas and connectors, anchor devices and work positioning systems. SATRA can work to many British, European, ISO, American & Australian standards and also VG11 ‘recommendation for use’ sheets. Facilities include a 5.5m drop test pit, 9m test tower, access to a 100m tower, 50m length I beam, a range of roof surfaces, several different conditioning cabinets, corrosion chambers and an endurance tester. We use a range of test equipment including several torso and anthropomorphic test dummies, load cells, test masses, accelerometers and a range of auxiliary items. Please see a list of standards that SATRA can test to.


Eyewear must conform to relevant safety standards and legislation. The SATRA eyewear laboratory is able to carry out safety eyewear testing to the most common protective eyewear standards including EN 166 and its associated test methods.


SATRA is set up to assess sports PPE, including shin guards, cricket gloves and pads, field hockey protectors, equestrian protectors and rugby pads.

Chemical clothing

SATRA is fully equipped to test the physical properties and ergonomic factors of gas tight suits and lightweight disposable suits.

Heat and flame protection

The exposure to high temperatures or flames carries a high risk of injury. SATRA can carry out heat and flame testing on protective equipment worn by welders, firefighters and foundry workers. Heat and flame testing is carried out within SATRA’s own purpose-built laboratories, including the SATRA Instrumented Dummy (SID).


Protective clothing in cold climates is essential. SATRA is able to test thermal insulation properties, air permeability and breathability of fabrics.


SATRA can undertake a range of testing to assess strength and physical performance of buoyancy aids.

Motorcycle protection

SATRA has one of the few facilities for testing motorcycle clothing, gloves, boots, and impact protectors against European standards.


We can test chainsaw protective jackets, trousers, boots, gloves and gaiters to the relevant European standards.

Public order clothing

SATRA can test all types of PPE used in public order situations, including protective clothing, footwear, legwear, gloves, helmets and riot shields.

UV protection

Health education campaigns have led to the demand for clothing that protects against UV rays. SATRA has carried out a range of tests to evaluated fabric type, colour, stretch and moisture content of fabrics that are designed to protect against the sun.



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