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Care must be taken with any draft standards as they are subject to change without notice.

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BS EN 923:2015

Adhesives. Terms and definitions. Supersedes BS EN 923:2005 + A1:2008.

BS 6396:2008 + A1:2015

Electrical systems in office furniture and educational furniture. Specification. Supersedes BS 6396:2002.

BS EN 1269:2015

Textile floor coverings. Assessment of impregnations in needled floor coverings by means of a soiling test. Supersedes BS EN 1269:1997 + A1:2007.

BS ISO 705:2015

Rubber latex. Determination of density between 5°C and 40°C. Supersedes BS 6057-3.7:1995.

BS EN ISO 12460-3:2015

Wood based panels. Determination of formaldehyde release. Gas analysis method. Supersedes BS EN 717-2:1995.

BS EN 12277:2015

Mountaineering equipment. Harnesses. Safety requirements and test methods. Supersedes BS EN 12277:2007.

BS EN ISO 4074:2015

Natural rubber latex male condoms. Requirements and test methods. Supersedes BS EN ISO 4074:2002.

BS EN 581-2:2015

Outdoor furniture. Seating and tables for camping, domestic and contract use. Mechanical safety requirements and test methods for seating. Supersedes BS EN 581-2:2009.

BS EN 568:2015

Mountaineering equipment. Ice anchors. Safety requirements and test methods. Supersedes BS EN 568:2007.

BS EN ISO 283:2015

Textile conveyor belts. Full thickness tensile strength, elongation at break and elongation at the reference load. Test Method. Supersedes BS EN ISO 283:2007.